Fully-automated production line to assemble solar steam generator NOVA-1.

Novatec Solar’s solar technology consists of rows of nearly flat mirrors which are mounted onto a sheet metal base structure. These lines reflect direct solar radiation onto a stationary receiver unit. Water is pumped through the absorber tube and heated by the sun’s concentrated energy.

1. Primary Reflector / 2. Receiver

Flat mirrors permit a simpler solar field array, compared with Parabolic Trough or Tower technology. Novatec Solar’s linear Fresnel design offers the following advantages:

The technology’s light weight substructure design coupled to standard easily source materials means it is low cost. It is also highly scalable and allows flexible solar field layouts in order to match available land and meet required steam parameters.

Operation and maintenance cost are also minimized through a patented, industry leading, automated cleaning system, which has negligible water consumption and maintains high levels of reflectivity.