PE 2 – The world’s largest Fresnel CSP power station in operation

CSP is becoming more competitive as the industry continues to reduce its costs, improve efficiency and increase performance. The evolution of solar thermal technologies around energy efficiency and storage is expected to lead to further cost reduction and grid parity in some regions of the world with high solar irradiation and high power prices.

Novatec Solar’s technology portfolio allows providing steam to a wide range of applications. The output parameters can range from hot water to superheated steam. The technology can be used in Greenfield projects as well as to extend existing fossil-fired power stations.

» Novatec Solar Offering: Supernova

1. Solar Field
2. Steam Separator
3. Volume Balance Tank
4. Turbine
5. Generator
6. Air-Cooled Condenser
7. Deaerator/Feedwater Tank
8. Feedwater Pump
9. Recirculation Pump
10. Public Electricity Grid
11. Condensate Pump