Novatec Solar has started the development of its new SuperNOVA’ product. The new generation solar field is designed for direct steam generation with a temperature of 450°C.

Supernova is based on the German company’s proven Nova-1 Fresnel-collector system, which allows for steam generation of up to 270 °C. The higher temperature of the steam generated by Supernova will make it particularly suitable for use in solar thermal power plants in the earth's Sunbelt. In comparison with Nova-1, Supernova will increase the conversion efficiency of solar heat in electricity by 50%.

To copy with the higher temperatures, Novatec Solar will utilize high temperature resistant receivers from SCHOTT Solar. By using these receivers, which are already available from SCHOTT Solar, the development time of Supernova will be significantly reduced. Supernova is scheduled to be launched towards the end of 2011 at Novatec Solar’s solar thermal power plant PE1 in southern Spain.

Supernova will be developed in cooperation with SCHOTT Solar and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The operating temperature of Supernova will exceed the operating temperatures of parabolic trough plants. In connection with high prefabrication of components, the considerable material reduction and the low operation and maintenance costs which results from Novatec Solar’s linear Fresnel generating technology, Supernova will result in a significant reduction of electricity production costs from solar thermal power plants.

About Novatec Solar’s Linear Fresnel Technology:

Novatec Solar’s Linear Fresnel Solar Field is a direct steam generator consisting of banks of parallel rows of flat mirrors (primary reflectors), each bank reflecting and focussing solar radiation onto a focal line. Along this line a receiver is installed, which consists of a secondary reflector and absorber pipe. Water, flowing through the absorbers, is turned into steam, which is collected in a steam drum and dispatched to a steam turbine/generator. Images available at

About Novatec Solar:
Novatec Solar is a solar power technology development company based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Novatec Solar was formed in 2006 by German engineers with expertise in solar research and development, automated production technology and the design and implementation of renewable energy systems.

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