Puerto Errado 2 (PE2), the 30MW solar thermal power station built by Novatec Solar using its proprietary solar field technology, has been completed and is in operation since August 2012. PE2’s solar boiler includes a mirror surface of 302,000m2 making it the world’s largest operational solar thermal power station based on linear Fresnel collector technology.

PE2’s 30MW electrical output is generated exclusively by solar power and will produce approximately 50 million kW hours of electricity per year. Annually, this equates to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of over 16,000 metric tonnes and enough clean energy to power 12,000 Spanish households.

Key data on the solar power station PE 2
Manufacturer Novatec Solar
Product name Nova-1
Model 28 rows of linear Fresnel collectors,
conventional steam turbine equipment and generator
Solar field length 940 m
Net aperture area 302,000 m²
Operating temperature 270 °C
Operating pressure 55 bar
Peak thermal output 150 MWth
Peak electrical output 30 MWel
Electrical yield 49 GWh/year

For more information, please see the Desertec Foundation video about PE2 by clicking on the link below:

» Desertec Foundation: The Worlds largest Fresnel CSP Plant Puerto Errado 2 (PE2)

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