Most innovative Industry-Solution stems from the NOVATEC BIOSOL AG from Karlsruhe

Hannover, 20 April 2009. At the Hannover Fair NOVATEC BIOSOL AG was distinguished as overall winner of the INDUSTRY PRIZE 2009. The jury made the award for Novatec’s modular solar field product Nova-1. NOVATEC BIOSOL AG was selected by the jury among more than 500 innovative industry entries for the award. Nova-1 convinced the jury to award it the overall prize due to the utilisation of low-cost materials, the fully automatic serial production and the high level of efficiency of the system. In comparison to conventional concentrating solar systems up to 70 per cent less material is needed. Thus, the steam generated solar with Nova-1 is competitive to fossil energy sources and makes possible a climate neutral and price stable energy supply anywhere in the sun belt of the earth.

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